Laundry Management Software

Laundromat owners are empowered to manage their business from anywhere, while modernizing the laundromat experience

for their customers and driving revenue.

Maximize Revenue with LaundryPulse

  • Manage your business from the comfort of your home
  • Increase revenue with creative pricing strategies
  • Reduce shrinkage with coin tracking reports
  • Manage your wash and fold business without a coin jar

LaundryPulse is Wascomat’s laundromat management solution. It connects directly with the CPUs of our machines to provide unrivaled ease to monitor and increase the profit of an EPR laundromat. It is an inexpensive add-on that brings a world of convenience to laundromat owners.

Run Your Business Remotely 24/7

Save on operating costs by programming your machines from anywhere. Owners can check the status, test new pricing strategies, and receive text alerts for desired events.

View Real-time Activity and Reports

Get real-time feedback and an interactive map to track exactly what’s happening in your store. View activity in the form of hourly, daily, and weekly statistics & reports. Make smarter decisions and generate more revenue. Lower up-front and ongoing maintenance cost compared to card systems.

The LaundryPay app lets customers pay using their phones! Customers earn loyalty points and get notifications when cycles are done. Owners collect fewer coins and get to know their customers and track their behavior!

Key Selling Features:

  • Float goes to the owner. This is a huge retention tool as the customer maintains credit on their phone after they leave the store.
  • Customers love the ease of use, and Loyalty programs reward Spending. Happier customers = More profit
  • Nothing to break. Does not require card expensive readers to be installed on the machines.