Built to last since 1955

Durability, Robustness and Troublefree operation

It goes without saying that customers expect trouble free operation regardless of whether the machines are installed in the best maintained installations or the toughest 24h open selfservice laundry.

That’s the reason why Wascomat washers are built to last 30,000 cycles. With more than 50 years of experience and being a Laundry Equipment reference brand in the USA, we have knowledge and skills to produce high quality machines in highly technological factories. Not only, we have also developed intelligent softwares which increase the wash performance and extend the machine’s lifetime.

Wascomat machines are Built to Last!

Wascomat-equipped coin laundries are now found in every population center across the USA, Canada and Mexico. Many stores have Wascomat washers over 30 and 40 years old, still working in laundries today. It’s a true testament to Wascomat design and engineering and reflects the pioneering vision of Bernard Milch.

Watch this video to learn about the family that built the industry

Wascomat manufactures world-class commmercial laundry equipment with exclusive solutions for

the lowest cost of ownership.

Machines built tough for the long haul to give business owners the tools they need to succeed.

Wascomat Commercial washers and dryers combine world-class reliability with innovative technology and powerful programmability. Wascomat builds high performance commercial laundry equipment business owners can trust to deliver superior performance time and time again.

Wascomat machines feature the industryexclusive Compass Pro control that makes doing the laundry a breeze. Washers are available in hard- or soft-mount in capacities ranging from 18-265lbs. Dryers are available in various capacities in single pocket and stacked units.

Wascomat Vended Equipment – Wascomat commercial coin laundry washing machines are designed to lower your water and energy usage, while providing year after year of trouble-free operation in demanding environments.

Wascomat OPL Equipment – Wascomat on-premises machines are designed to lower the water and energy usage of in-house laundry operations, while providing stellar results withevery load.